The Chinese proverb, “It’s better to light one candle than to curse the darkness” has inspired people through the years.  It is the motto of the St. Christopher Society and the central theme of Amnesty International. This unassuming proverb is a call to action, a reminder to stop complaining and do something. It also reminds me that small positive actions matter.

I chose the name One Candle Photos because the proverb speaks to me. 

I see the world differently when I carry a camera. I pay closer attention to the details around me; the interplay of light, shadow, and shape that go unnoticed at other times. The camera also merges my right- and left-brain, the artistic and analytic, and brings them into sharp focus. I like that feeling and this proverb reminds me that I need to get off my duff and make that feeling part of my everyday life. This is my candle – my small attempt to make a difference in my world and perhaps bring a little light into yours.

Thank you for visiting.

Dan Wiedbrauk
One Candle Photos
Ann Arbor, Michigan


  1. I think your post sounds like you think a lo
    .. Maybe a bit to much or maybe not, I don't know you. Just sounds kinda like what an old friend of mine would say and he was like that.

  2. I recently had a D3300 converted to IR and your blog has been so great in helping me figure out what to do and how to make the appropriate adjustments in Photoshop and View NX. Thank you so much for writing this!

    1. Also, I went to school in Ann Arbor and all I remember was that it was cold and gray but your pictures bring a new life to it. Question for you, how do you get the pink trees? I've been fiddling with that in Photoshop but they still look a little off...